"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their strength."
                     ~Barbara Katz Rothman

A Doula (doo-Lah) is a professionally trained woman who is knowledgeable about pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum care.
A Doula works in cooperation with the mother's "team" including the doctors, midwives, partners and family. She does not replace anyone else on the team.
She is educated about the emotional and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and labour, and can inform you when you need to make decisions about your birth.
A Doula believes that childbirth is a normal, healthy process for a woman's body and seeks to preserve that process during labour. She is an advocate for you and your birth preferances. Anyone can use a Doula, whether you want a natural birth, medical interventions or a cesarean section.
Benefits Of Birth Doulas:
Studies have shown the presence of a well trained, professional birth doula reduces:
Cesarean Section by 50%
Length of Labour by 25%
Oxytocin (Pitocin) by 40%
Epidural Use by 60%
Narcotics For Pain Relief by 30%
Forceps/Vacuum Extraction by 30%
The support of a professional Doula also improves breastfeeding outcome and decreases postpartum depression.
What Will My Doula Do?
Your Doula will provide you and your birth partner with continuous care, support and encouragement throughout labour and delivery.

Specifically she will:

~Recognize birth as a key experience a mother will remember her whole life.
~Offer Prenatal home visits.
~Offer assistance in preparing for and carrying out a birth plan.
~Facilitates communication between the labouring mother, her partner and her clinical care providers.
~Provides an objective viewpoint and information about labour and delivery choices.
~Suggestions to ease discomfort in pregnancy and postpartum.
~Provides dedicated, continuous emotional and physical support throughout the entire labour and birth.
~Percieves her role as nuturing and protects the woman's memory of the birth experience.
~Allows the woman's birth partner to participate to his/her own comfort level.

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